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  • Don Miller: Senior Content Manager
  • Jessica Mitacek: Associate Editor & Market Analysis and Research
  • Shannon Tokheim : Associate Editor & Associate Editor
  • Chris Markoch: Editor & Retirement, Individual Investing
  • Melissa Brock: Associate Editor & Contributing Author
  • Leo Miller: Fundamental Analysis, Economics, Industry and Sector Analysis
  • Thomas Hughes: Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  • Jea Yu: Trading Strategies
  • Sam Quirke: Technical Analysis
  • Dan Schmidt: Stocks, Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Gabriel Osorio-Mazilli: Value Stocks, Asian Markets, Macro Economics
  • Claire Shefchik: Energy, Commodities
  • Sarah Horvath: Retail, Healthcare, and Real Estate stocks
  • Jeffrey Neal Johnson: Retail and Technology Stocks
  • Ryan Hasson: Technical Analysis, Momentum Trading, Risk Management
  • Ari Zoldan: Contributing Author
  • Kate Stalter: Retirement, Asset Allocation, and Tax Strategies

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